“Tyler had been so low on himself for so many years that you did not just help him catch up…you brought him back into the world of education. Tyler cares a lot more now and is actually wanting to give academics a try and feels more in control of his situation. Before he would just fail a test without even giving it a try. Tyler is one of those kids who could have very easily failed out of high school. I have never seen Tyler enjoy learning core subjects and with you I watched him laugh and enjoy trying to solve Algebra equations. Unbelievable and really cool. You have made a huge difference in his self esteem.

Thanks Wahoo Tutors and Chris for bringing back the spark of learning in our son’s eyes. With your expert tutoring our son finally succeeded in passing his Algebra II SOL. Your staff interaction with our son has not only improved his grades, it has increased academic confidence. Tyler enjoys coming to Wahoo Tutors each week and we enjoy watching Tyler succeed. Bravo to Wahoo!”

Rachelle H., 2015

“Wahoo Tutors does an excellent job of meeting the needs of student with learning differences.”

Kathleen R-K., Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed School Psychologist 2015


I hope this message reaches you and all is good with you, your family and your work and tutoring [company].

I wanted to let you know Morgan did it!!!

She finished last week and was one of only 12 seniors to exempt all exams. While many others may have had the required grades to exempt, you also had to have no unexcused absences, tardies or any discipline issues, a hard task for some kids.  Morgan also earned a B (unweighted) in her AP Psych class. A class she was told not to take because it would be too hard for her. Just another opportunity for her to prove the teachers wrong. Her psych teacher was great though and was very encouraging and of course Morgan worked very hard. What a difference the right teacher can make!

She applied to many schools that were in her reach and was accepted to all of them. Ole Miss, Miss State, Western Kentucky and Marshall, all of which have good resource programs too. She decided to accept an offer to swim at Univ of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Ky. She received an athletic and merit scholarahip to the school ($12,000) and wanted to keep swimming so that’s where she will be!

I wanted to send you this update on Morgan because I wanted you to know what a big part of this success you were for her. Your patience and gift for teaching really helped her through some of her biggest challenges and I can not thank you enough for finding a way to continue helping her even after you moved back to Va. I will forever be grateful. As the parent of struggling student, you can not begin to know how it feels to see your child find success and finding people like you to help is just a God send.


May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family.



Tina P., 2014

“Chris Paschall has been working with my daughter for close to 2 years now. He truly has a gift for using multiple approaches to help the student gain understanding. My daughter has some significant learning disabilities and he has been able to help her in several subjects. His calm and patient demeanor, as well as his strategic encouragement along the way have helped my daughter not only be successful, but also feel capable. She actually looks forward to working with Chris even after a long day.”

Tina P., 2013

“My son was in eighth grade when he hit a wall with math. This subject was not always a struggle for him, but now we were having difficulties. Chris Paschall was such a blessing to him. He took my son through the trenches weekly. It was hard work, but Chris made it fun with great results. It isn’t easy to find men willing to invest in young men! Not only did Chris teach my son great math skills, but he was an excellent role model, too!

I would highly recommend Chris Paschall and Wahoo Tutors! An excellent resource for all our kids’ school needs.”

N.R., 2013

“We brought our daughter to Wahoo Tutors after an extremely difficult 4th grade year. After some initial testing we realized she just needed more practice with the basics in math and reading. With the help of the staff at Wahoo Tutors, we have seen an amazing turnaround in our student. She is more engaged both at school and home and her self-confidence has soared.

Thank you for everything!”

Jamie R., 2013

“By going to Wahoo Tutors, I’ve learned a lot of life skills, not just math and language arts, but how to treat people with respect. I have learned more about language usage and simple tricks to remember math facts…this is a good way to get ahead. I would like to say thanks to Mrs. Rebecca and Dr. Paschall for making it easier to do work in school. I also want to say thanks to the tutors that helped me get into all honors and advanced classes. My last thing to say is ‘fish travel in schools, just like we are prepared to do in Wahoo Tutors!’”

8th grade student, 2013

“My time [at Wahoo Tutors] has been full of fun and learning. I have learned to push myself to get an answer or understand something better. They made me more confident in myself and my work by making sure I understood everything they were teaching me. My determination is even greater, and I want to make myself better and learn new things. Now when I do my work in school I don’t feel like giving up if something is hard. I actually try harder to figure out the problem.”

8th grade student, 2013

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